5 de marzo de 2012

H&M fan!

I'm a big fan of H&M. 
Of course I don't like all the clothes (it could be a huge problem XD).   
When I go shopping to Barcelona I use to visit all the H&M's shops. But my favourite is one that has colour lights in the hall. All people feels like a famous trought the lights in the stairs, Moreover foreigner people stay in the entrance taking photos. 

Spring dress ^^ flowers print is popular this season

Tight dress with keys. I think is very romantic hahaha perfect for dating :)

H&M cosmetics are fine! I bought nail polish and Hello Kitty lip balm. 

shoes! 40€ the color is elegant!!!

I hope one day I could take a photo with these clothes :D 

5 comentarios:

  1. Siii! el H&M de lueces mola jaja
    Me gustan los botines :)

  2. Me ha encantado el traje de las llaves,es una monada!

  3. I like the colour of the nail polish (・ω・) It's a shame the H&M in my city doesn't sell things like this... I've never seen this cute lip balm either (><) But I guess it's because our city is pretty small and so is the H&M store (笑)

  4. Nice purchases! ! ! I really like the Nail Polish and Hello Kitty!

  5. Sí! De tots els H&M que anem, aquell és el més guay (^^)