29 de febrero de 2012



I took this photo the day of my last exam ^^ That day I fell very sad, but 
I asked my friend for hang out together and enjoy the afternoon : )

That day the rain was... horrible! And very very cold :/ but sometimes for me it doesn't matter
haha and I wear the outfit I have in my mind due the weather conditions 

I worn this skirt first time. I bought in Zara and I have the same in red and black colour.  

and here the photo of our afternoon snack we had in a new café.

4 comentarios:

  1. Me encanta tu estilo * _ * no es la primera vez que te veo en un outfit que me guste tanto!

  2. Oh the croissants look so tasty! I want to eat it too, haha (*>ω<*)
    And you look very pretty!

  3. Wow! That croissant looks so yummy! You are looking nice!