17 de diciembre de 2010

Do you know Spank world???

I'm uploading this new entry because I'm reading Tavuchi's blog
:) You can fin it here --> http://spankworld.jp/staff.html

It makes me remember that I should actualize my own blog to make happy the people who read it and follow me althought are a few . Thanks to everyone!

I like read some blogs during my free time. In addition to the blogs of my followers I read other, like Tavuchi.

I think that her blog is so cute and fashion but is interesting to, especially if you like original and creative things and see peolple having fun at p

I always think that if ever I go to Japan (I hope it will be soon) I'd go to visit some of the shops of Spank world for buy cute things with the typical pastel colors.

1 comentario:

  1. Uohh m'encanta l'Spank :DDDD
    Quan vagi a Tokio una de les primeres tendes que visitaré serà 6%DOKIDOKI *-* És tant adorable tot... ;__;

    Percert, soc la Claudia :D et segueixo!
    Un petonet!