9 de diciembre de 2010


^^ LADY GAGA's concert was amazing!!!!!!!!
Maybe I'll update with a photo of the outfit that I wear that night, but I'm not sure. My camera wasn't working 100% and I couldn't make a lot of photos and all that I make doesn't have good quality
I believe that I need a new one ._.' but I like all the expensive cameras


Last week I went one more time to Barcelona with a friend :) It was a good day and I bought these 4
nail polish
The pink and the violet are from H&M. I really LOVE the name of the nail polish colour
pink is "check me out" and violet is "fashionist"
But the most original name is the name of Sephora's nail polish: picnic in the park
The neon yellow is from Claire's and I bought it for put together with the leopard print skirt :3

2 comentarios:

  1. aixi el que portaves avui era el verd de sephora? m'agraden molt tots! pero sobretot els de H&M^^ em sembla que vull fer la coleccio de tots els colors~

  2. Que suerte por ir al concierto! Un par de amigos también fueron y volvieron alucinados