8 de junio de 2013

Tea Party

My summer holidays started this week :) I am happy *-* 
Well, last saturday I haven't finished the exams yet, but I met Sarah and Ida. 
Long time passed since we don't meet Ida >.< 
We went to a japanese restaurant that is very famous because is the first specializing in ramen. 
It is very small and we had to wait even before the time of opening. 
I didn't want ramen, so I ate onigiri. It was my first onigiri! ^-^ 
and as I suposed, I like it

Then, Sarah and I joined into a Tea Party in Madame Chocolat 
shop to celebrate de International Lolita Day. 
We ate some cupcakes and cookies. The Tea Party topic was Alice in Wonderland, 
thats because the room was decorated following the styele of the story
 and the cookies had rabbit, keys, teapot shappes.

That day the weather was really hot... but without any cloud we could took really nice photos. 
Sarah wore an Angelic Pretty dress and I wore a new one which I bought in Zara. 
I loved it at first sight and my mum said it was made for me. I couldn't resist and finally bought it. 

I also wore an Angelic Pretty cardigan ^^ 
Do you like my coordinate? I like mix styles 

We participated playing a game: the Lolita trivial. 
We won some points answering lolita and japanese fashion questions. 
Then, we exchanged points in to shop kawaii items. I think the owner had a really nice idea organizing that game and the event :) 

More photos next time...

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  1. Acabo de encontrar tu blog y me resulta super mono, te sigo! ^^

  2. Va ser molt divertit!! (^O^)
    Vam guanyar punts eh! hahahaha viscaaaa