17 de septiembre de 2012

Zaragoza trip - II


Today was the first day of class. I'm very tired T.T but 
I want share my summer trip photos ^^ 
This is the second part. I think I'm going to upload a entry telling you more things.

The second day we woke up early in the morning and started sightseeing. 
My sister and I took this photo together. I'm not sure,
 but the name of this street is "Alfonso I street". 
Directly from the hotel to the basilica of "el Pilar".
 I can't count how many times we walked trough there... 

That day we visited "El Palacio de la Aljaferia". Aljaferia Palace is very beautiful. 
I loved walk around the Palace and appreciate the Moorish style of the place. 
Beautiful, isn't?

Me having fun riding the pony! This pony is between the basilica and Ebro river. 
Take a picture with the cute pony was essential!

More places: Saint Salvador Cathedral (near basilica)

One photo inside the basilica. I was amazed looking all the details!

Then we eat in a typical restaurant where we savour a very nice local dishes. 
For example: asparagus with cured Iberian jam. 

 After having a break in the hotel we go out again. 
I took this photo in front of the hotel ^^ 

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  1. what beautifully places!! It is just so vintage and classical..I love it..Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos ^_~

  2. Que guays les fotos!!! (^^)
    M'agrada la del cavallet xD