25 de mayo de 2012

Korean Day

The last weekend I took the official exam of chinese language. I think I did well :) 
Now I'm waiting for the result.... maybe in one month I will know it. 

Later, because the exam was in Barcelona, my sister, some friends and 
I went to a new event: the Korean Day. 

This is the outfit of that day: 

Cardigan: Zara
Dress: H&M
Jacket and boots: Stradivarius

There we could see some traditional dresses and dance. Moreover, you know, Korean pop culture is very popular now among people who likes this kind of things of Asia. As a freak meeting there could not miss a part dedicated for that activities too 
(k-pop, cinema, merchandising...)
But we wanted to assist because there we could taste Korean food. 

A typical dish: kimbap, mandu, rice, kimchi, bulgogi 

I don't like kimchi >.< that was the first time I ate it... I can't eat spicy food and it is a problem! If I want go to China and other places of Asia I will suffer if I don't be used or I don't adapt to this flavour. 

I have to say that the organization wasn't good.... maybe because is the first time was held :/

2 comentarios:

  1. guapissima! aquest outfit em va agradar molt! bueno, com tots xD pero el vestit amb la jaqueta quedava molt be^^
    que bo que estava tot~

  2. Quina pena que l'organització de l'event no fos gaire bona pel que dius ...(>.<)
    A mi tampoc m'agrada gaire el menjar picant xD