30 de octubre de 2011


I was thinking what to tell you in this entry. Really my life is monotony... I don't like it :/
Now I'm inside my bed writing haha so lazy... but now I'm making the most of my "free" time. 
Last week  my friends and I celebrated a birthday ^^ We went to dinner to a new restaurant. It was more expensive that we thought so later our plans closet down -.- 
Well, that day I went to hairdresser and this is the result (I don't have better photos :S):

 Dinner ^^ 

One of the reasons I don't have nothing special to tell in my blogg is because we didn't meet since that day because we are all busy >.<  

But since last  few days I use more Twitter ^^ because I can access from my mobile phone using wi-fi 

I only say silly things haha~~ 


Here two things I bought 2 weeks ago ^^
Bag from Bershka: 19.90€ 

Dress from Pull & Bear: 29.95€ 


The last thing. I'm really love this song... I don't know Korean but I feel something when I heard it first time. I don't like slow music but then I looked up the lyrics of the song and I was surprised because the message... 
I put here the translated lyrics in Spanish but you can find English subs.


On Wednesday I will update the photos of the things I have bought in Salon del Manga this weekend ^^ 

3 comentarios:

  1. ai marina, anims! si mai et passa res, saps que estic aqui! i si mai vols fer algo per cambiar de ritme i trencar aquesta monotonia, tambe, eh. que la vida es fa una mica trista quan sempre estem fent el mateix... :(
    vas quedar preciosa amb el monyo, surts molt maca a la foto! :)

  2. aiiiii i la canco del woohyun!
    com m'agrada ;__;

  3. Marinaaaa, que guay el pentinat! (^^)